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Can Boating Help Us Be Our Better Selves?

“Being around the water, supplies a sense of calm and clarity,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of Insurance, Florida's leading independent boat insurance agency.

In his book, Blue Mind, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, marine biologist, explains that being on, in or near the water improves creativity, emotional health and relaxation. It can also heal your brain and body.

In the book, he describes the state of a “red mind” and it is antidote, a “blue mind.” A red thoughts are seen as a stress, anxiety and fear, whereas a blue thoughts are referred to as calm, peaceful and happy. A blue mind can be achieved by being in, near, on, under or around water. For example standing on a boat. He describes to find out Boating, that the blue mind, gives the brain a break, it will help us to disconnect from tech and connect with our thoughts and insights as well as with other people.

Research shows walking around the beach, chilling out in the lake or perhaps going for a dip in the pool can calm you down while sparking creativity. He shares with Huffington Post some additional benefits to being around water.

Water gives our brains an escape.

Water can induce a meditative state.

Water can inspire us to be more compassionate and connected.

Exercise by or in water will work for our minds and our bodies.

“These findings explain why we feel so much joy when boating,” observes Buck with Insurance, Florida's largest independent marine insurance agency.

Boat rental website, Carefree Boat Club, explains that boating allows you to create bonding experiences and revel in memories with friends and family. They report, based on studies, boaters respond to stress or stressful situations in a manner better than non-boaters.

So, next time you're debating that fishing trip or all-day outing at the beach, remember, it can benefit your health, mind and body.