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Flying During COVID-19

“Flying can improve your chance of contact with COVID-19 due to close contact with others,” says Ellsworth Buck, V . p . of Insurance, Florida's largest independent property insurance agency.

However, airlines are taking precautions to keep you safe there are preventative measures you can take as well. USA Today reports that flying is safer now of computer was earlier in the pandemic because of airline changes.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), has updated their security procedures in response to herpes.

  • Travelers now scan their own boarding passes.
  • Travelers are urged to place cellphones and keys in a carry-on bag rather than a bin.
  • One liquid hand sanitizer container up to 12 ounces is allowed per passenger.
  • Place foods inside a clear bag, then put the bag inside a bin.

“There is a lot of confusion for travelers because states, airports and airlines all have different safety procedures,” says Ellsworth Buck, V . p . of Insurance, Florida's top independent property insurance agency.

Some states over the US require self-quarantine for those incoming or select travelers, particularly those coming from COVID-19 hotspots. Those include, New York, Nj, Connecticut, Illinois (Chicago), Florida, Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska, Kansas, New Mexico and Rhode Island.

Many restaurants and stores remain closed within airports. It may be a good idea to bring your own snack from home. In-flight snack and beverage service is mostly eliminated on shorter flights and substituted for alternatives on lengthier flights. Again, this varies between airlines, so verify prior to your flight.

Be certain to check with your airline before taking a flight to review new policies. Most airlines require face masks and will not permit a passenger to board without wearing one.

Choosing a seat next to the window, eliminates traffic you're subjected to on the flight making it a more sensible choice if you are worried about virus exposure from others. Once you are on-board your flight, switch on the air vent to enhance ventilation.

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