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Air Travel Tips

Travel within the holidays is stressful. However, planning out your trip can ease the anxiety as well as be fun. “Preparation can equip you for that unexpected and make up a more enjoyable travel experience,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of Insurance, Florida's premium independent homeowners insurance agency.

Before arriving to the airport

Save some time and skip lines by registering for TSA Pre-Check. Your electronics remain packed and you may leave on your shoes, belt and jacket. The fee is worth maintaining your sanity.

Regarding carry-on items, liquids, gels, cream, paste and aerosols
should be 3.4 ounces or less per container. How about food? You are permitted to
keep on cookies, pies, cake, turkey and ham, but no peanut butter or soft
cheese for example brie. If you are continuing gifts, it is advisable to wrap them once
you get to your destination. If they deem necessary, TSA will unwrap a present
to check it out.

Reserve your airport car parking space. Between now and New Year's,
airports will see lots of travelers and also the competition for a automobile parking space is
fierce. This eliminates putting things off driving around and searching for a place to
park and you will come across a discount online.

At the airport

“There would be a time when air travel was exciting,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of Insurance, Florida's top independent home insurance agency. Don't let long lines, crowds and endless flight rules get you down while waiting to board.

Download your preferred movies, television shows or music to
your phone, lap top or tablet. Some airlines require you to download a mobile
app in advance to gain access to free movies and TV. Also, be sure to have some snacks
packed for your wait.

Check the flight information more often than once. With so many
travelers over the holidays, delays are guaranteed.

On board

Dress in layers for the flight, the temperature on airplanes
is inconsistent. This ensures your comfort, regardless of the temperature. Planes have
an identity for being a hotbed of germs. Bring disinfectant wipes and wipe down
your seatback tray and seatbelt buckle.

A flight attendant told Business Insider, flight attendants won't drink warm beverages for example tea and coffee on planes since the water develops from a tap, not a bottle. These taps and tanks aren't usually cleaned.

Also, if you wish to avoid turbulence, Patrick Smith, a pilot recommends to Trip Savvy, relaxing in the center, over a wing where the air is the smoothest.

Be kind and relax, you'll eventually get to your destination
and could to take pleasure from the process.

Whether you're both at home and away this holidays, make certain your loved ones and belongings stay protected with home insurance from Insurance.