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The origin of Phantom Traffic Jams

Drivers expect traffic during specific times of the day or
night. We anticipate a higher amount of cars visiting and from work during
a few days. Holiday traffic, function traffic, traffic due to road repair
and also the unfortunate car accident traffic. But, what about mystery road

“It is frustrating to become relaxing in traffic. The weather is clear, no accident or work zones are ahead and suddenly cars begin to flow and also you can't understand why these were stopped to begin with,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of Insurance, Florida's leading independent auto insurance agency.

So, what's the cause of the baffling congestion? Bad driving
habits are the culprits behind unexplained congested zones. Yes drivers, we are to

Fox13 News, spoken with Officer Roy Paz using the Tampa Police Department and that he explains the very best causes of phantom traffic jams in Florida.

  1. Slow left-lane drivers. Don't remain in the left
    lane if other drivers are passing you. Officer Paz explains, “The law says that
    a person might not drive within the left lane when they know, or reasonably ought to know,
    that they're being overtaken by another vehicle traveling in a higher speed.” Slow
    left-lane driving is against the law in Florida plus the majority of the U.S.
  2. Tapping your brakes repeatedly. When drivers hit
    their brakes without no reason, it causes the vehicles in it also to
    hit their brakes, causing a squence of events and slowing down traffic.
  3. Unnecessary lane changing. Drivers in a rush
    frequently change lanes thinking it will encourage them to their destination faster. But
    actually, it does not and just causes other drivers to decelerate.

“Shedding bad driving habits won't promote the flow of traffic, but keep you along with other drivers safer,” says Ellsworth Buck, V . p . of Insurance, Florida's leading independent auto insurance agency.