Customer Experience

Restoring the Agent-Client Relationship

There has been a lot of frustration within the insurance industry from both people who sell it and people who require it. Both camps are suffering financially, and both can perform better when they meet up on vital insurance protection, however they cannot seem to hook up without jumping through hoops. Within an era of hyper-information and instant communication, this disconnect may seem crazy, but it's real. In a time of chaotic change, a web-based meetup service would be valuable to agents and consumers alike to repair that agent/client relationship and set the personal touch back into insurance.

Financially challenged agents and consumers

Incomes have stagnated for insurance agents and also the public alike, and also the path to better times seems unclear for both sides. According to the U.S. Bls, the mean annual salary for insurance sales representatives inched up only 2% between 2010 and 2021. This year, it had been $62,520.